Friday, 21 January 2011

The Spark that starts the fire.

 That's what this post is. The first one in what I hope to be a lasting enterprise, one which hopefully will reflect the undertaking, finally, of many a project which is for now in the limbo of the raw miniature hoarding. And so these projects will become real, finished, and part of a growing gaming collection.

 It has been a long trip to get here. Many visits, a lot of readings, decisions made and a certain grade of compromise achieved. It all started because of a passion for history, fiction and speculative history, and a love for miniature wargaming, which I share with so many people.

 So after much lurking by other blogs, excellent blogs, a good lot with a careful work with much love put into them, and looking at other people's projects, I've decided to make my own and finally start my own project(s) and join the community.

 And here it is.